Outdoor swimming pool with fresh water, a fountain and underwater flow. More info
Сomfortable leisure in the warmest place on the Southern Coast of Crimea, ecologically safe seawater and a five-star service More info
Here you relax body and soul. More info
Greetings from Villa Elena’s Concierge Service represented by Anastasia Klimenko and Alexandra Solomka. More info
Premium cars combined with impeccable service will make your trips as comfortable as possible. More info
Villa Elena is a great place in Crimea for families with children. More info
Tennis Park Yalta is located in the heart of the Primorsky (Seaside) Park among evergreens. More info
Art Gallery “Pocherk” is located on the ground floor of the historic building of Villa Elena, where the whole atmosphere is full of history and aristocratic taste. More info

Aromatic Baths

The wonderful world of fragrances – baths with essential oils and floral-herbal compositions. Each of them has special properties. The first bath is on a complimentary basis.

Pillow Menu

Linen, bamboo, buckwheat, orthopedic, silk, sheep wool, with Crimean herbs ... The choice is always yours. And sweet dreams are guaranteed!

Children’s Entertainment

Rely on our professional entertainers and let your children go towards fun. They will enjoy exciting games in the fresh air, new friends and vivid emotions.

Oriental Massage

Thai and Tibetan are ancient Oriental massages, which have been extremely popular nowadays. Having virtually no contraindications, they strengthen health, and give peace of mind and harmony.

Souvenir Shop

Here you can buy exquisite presents for your loved ones and friends. Take home a piece of Crimea!

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