With a sincere care of its guests, the best boutique hotel in Russia offers “insurance” against bad weather.

If it rains or a strong wind blows during your stay at the hotel, we are ready to compensate for vagaries of the Crimean weather.*

On bad weather days, the hotel guests are entitled to use:
- 20% discount on the Solo beauty salon services;
- 30% discount on individual art or cooking classes;
- 10% discount on massage in the wellness center;
- 10% discount for “The Grand Terrace” restaurant;
- a compliment from “The Grand Terrace” restaurant;
- additional bath from the bath menu;
- cinema services for children and adults.

The special offer is valid from 30.11.2018 to 31.03.2019, except for:

1) 29.12.2018-07.01.2019;
2) 13.02.2019-14.02.2019;
3) 07.03.2019-08.03.2019.

Each of the above compensations can be used only once.

We are happy to answer your questions and help to book a room.

*rain lasts more than 3 hours, wind exceeds 10 meters per second