Together with the fitness trainer Jana Khmeleva and the running school "Bestia", the Villa Elena hotel presents a new program of healthy lifestyle – "Slim-Fit Vacation".

Yalta is a town with a unique microclimate, an ideal place to get in shape, change one’s eating habits and find an internal balance.

Slim-Fit = proper nutrition + individual training + SPA-procedures = Move to a healthy life!

For each participant, the coach develops a personal training schedule, taking into account the individuality. The program is based on outdoor activities, trekking or running, panorama therapy, and walking tours along the scenic Crimea.

We offer you a choice of two Slim-Fit programs, which include accommodation, breakfasts and individual training:

- Slim-Fit "Express" (description, price);
- Slim-Fit "Reload" (description, price).